If you ask how I got so bitter, I'll ask how you got so vain

I guess these are my Fridays now. I go home. I feed the cat. I watch the Tivo. I get up earlier than I want to on Saturday. Going out on Fridays is for kids!

My car is fixed again, but there is a constant chance that it may not start at any moment. I have a few ideas of how I might get it started in my glove compartment (thanks Google) but I think Benecio has turned from a loyal friend to and angry tiger. He's a ticking time bomb. I think a new car may be in my future.

If Benecio holds up, I'm going to see Bright Eyes up in Columbus on Sunday. If there's one thing that everyone in Cincinnati agrees on, it's the fact that the two hour drive from here to Columbus is one of the most boring on the planet. It makes the drive from Cincinnati to Indianapolis seem like a weekend at Disney World. (In fact, that's why my parents never took me to Disney World. I'd had the joy of the drive to Indy.)

Anyway, I am willing to put up with this interminable drive for my buddy Conor. I hope he appreciates it. I've heard Bright Eyes concerts can be spotty but I'm guessing Conor will bring his A game when he hears about the lengths I'm going to hear him sing.


I've been listening to today's album for a couple days now and it probably isn't helping my mood. It's the sort of desperate anger that can only be summoned by guys from a place like Winnipeg, Canada.

Of course, I'm speaking of The Weakerthans.

I'm actually a huge Weakerthans fan and I constantly dream of being able to see them in concert (if they would only leave Canada). But Fallow is their first album from 1997, and while it contains hints of the brilliance they offer up in later works, I can't say it's very good all on its own. What makes a Weakerthan? I would describe it as acoustic pop punk layered under an array of metaphors and biting lyrics. Do I sound like a music writer now?

So if any of those words sound interesting, go out right now and buy Reconstruction Site (available at discerning record stores in Canada and amazon.com). You could also buy Left & Leaving, but I would save Fallow for until you're a superfan. Otherwise it's just not worth it.


I'm not ready yet to share the phone or tv set

I know, I know, it's been a long time. I guess I've just been busy. It's all work, work, work here in Eileenland.

Have you seen that Lexus commercial with Elvis Costello? The first time I saw it, at the very beginning, it just has a close-up profile of his glasses and I immediately thought, "gee that looks like Elvis," and it was! I especially like his little giggle at the end.

I think I've also avoided writing because I don't know what to say about Declan's next album (yes, I'm still doing that). It's Faith And Courage by Sinead O'Connor. I seem to be stuck on it for some reason, so I'm going to make this fast and get it over with.

1. The first half of the album is really good.
2. "Dancing Lessons" is one of the best songs ever - seriously.
3. The album gets a little too slow and mysterious at the end.
4. There are too many mentions of "the goddess" for my tastes. Does it need to be in every song? It's like listening for the word "corazon" in a Spanish song.

In other news, my car is in the shop again. It still thinks I'm trying to steal it, but the mechanics don't know where the problem is. It could be a long week. So I hope all of you are having a better time than I am right now. I promise more updates and more albums soon.