Sooooo excited!

The Missouri v. Kansas game is only days away and I can't wait! I have decided to celebrate in the tradition of my ancestors and watch the game at a bar with beer and greasy food. It might be the only time I get to watch a Mizzou game on a BIG screen. Usually I have to beg and they turn on some nine inch television that's mounted about 20 feet in the air. I could get used to these winning ways.

Want to read a story about the horrible history behind the Missouri/Kansas rivalry? I knew you did! It's right here.


Chase Daniel - It's not just a name, it's a sentence

If you haven't had the thrill of talking to me in person lately, you might not know how excited I am about Missouri football. (If you have, I'm sorry about talking about Missouri football all the time.)

Anyway, you may not have noticed that my beloved Missouri Tigers are 10 and 1 this season. They're ranked in the top 5 of college football, but it seems a lot of people out here in Big 10 country haven't noticed.

When I was in school at Missouri, they hadn't been to a bowl game in 13 years. When they made it to the Holiday Bowl, people acted like they won the national championship - this year they have a chance to actually win it.

All the Ohio State and Michigan fans around here don't really understand my enthusiasm. They have teams that are expected to contend for a national title every year. What's happening at Missouri this year feels like a once in a lifetime event. Will they ever be this good again? Who knows, but right now I'm really enjoying the chance to make fun of all those loser schools like USC and Ohio State.

So next week is the big showdown between Kansas (?!) and Missouri for Big 12 North dominance and possibly the #2 spot in the nation. No matter what happens, I'll enjoy the moment and hope it will be like this next year, too.


Every week I read The Onion's AV Club and this week has an especially good article, Tighten Up: 21 Good Albums That Could Have Been Great EPs. I agree with most everything on the list. If you're a music fan (and you really should be) check it out.


More ice skating in public

Jeff, Melissa and I went to visit New York last weekend where we crashed tenement style in Harlem with Josh. (Seven people, one bathroom? No problem!)

I shot a little video of ice skating at Rockefeller Center that you might enjoy. Come for the low quality, stay for the funny ending.