Another travelin' photo

Here's a shot from my recent travels to the south. I just remembered I had it in my camera. After our night out in New Orleans, we went out for beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde. It was like having funnel cakes for breakfast, which was perfect.

What do you think? Does Jeff have a future as a hand model?

Running down a dream

I have excellent news and a plea. First, the excellent news: Jeff (yes, the Jeff of so many adventures from this blog) is going to run the New York City Marathon! We went to New York last year just to watch it and I've been bugging him ever since to run it himself. I'm super excited to be able to go out there and cheer him on. My friend Nancy will be running, too, so I'm not sure I'll have any energy left to cheer for Lance Armstrong. Sorry, Lance.

And now my plea. In order to get a spot in the marathon, Jeff has to raise money for charity. He'll be running for the Tourette Syndrome Association and he needs to raise $2,500. Jeff and I both know people affected by Tourettes and it's not just a punchline for jokes. So if you can spare a few dollars, go here and make a donation. It will go to a worthwhile charity while giving Jeff a chance to run a world-class marathon. Those Kenyans better watch out!


I'm all photo'd up

I've been out of the office for almost two weeks, but it's time to head back tomorrow. There was the trip to 'Bama and then I was at a photo editing workshop in Indiana. I know, sounds awesome, right?

Our trip to Mobile and New Orleans was professionally photographed by Jeff Haller but I don't have the photos yet. I promise they're great and I'll share some when I actually get them. I know Jeff has a real job and all so I'm willing to wait.

To keep you entertained in the meantime, I've provided a link to a story that I've been telling everyone to look at for the past few months. It's much easier to have them watch it if there's just a link, though, so here it is:

Now you must watch it. It may change your life.