Razzle Dazzle!

I don't know if you've heard, but the sixth and final season of Lost starts on Tuesday. I know, I know it might help if there was an ad on TV every 5 seconds so we could be warned about these things.
Way back in season three (I think it was three, maybe it was two) Jeff and Meggan and I would meet every week to watch the show. Snacks and drinks were involved and soon our own informal drinking game developed. Mostly it was a way to deal with the constant bellowing from Michael about "My Boy!!!" but it adapted to new characters and themes as the seasons continued.

So in time for the season premiere, I give you the unofficial Lost drinking game. Since the writers keep promising the return of old characters, I'll include some suggestions for them as well. Feel free to offer your own pointers and be sure to have a beer or two on hand Tuesday night.

Take a drink whenever:

  • cries
  • calls someone by a nickname
  • gets beaten up
  • takes off his shirt
  • breaks his leg
  • acts crazy
  • calls someone "dude"
  • talks to a dead character
  • joins an expedition even though they tell her not to come
  • makes out with Sawyer
  • makes out with Jack
Daniel Faraday
  • gives someone his "crazy eyes"
  • tells someone that it's too complicated/he doesn't have time to explain a theory
  • calls someone "brother"
  • talks to a dead character

  • sings "You All Everybody"
  • does heroin
  • mentions "My baby!"
  • mentions "My boy!"
  • mentions "My husband"

When any character
  • mentions any version of "we have to go back"
  • asks, "Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?"
  • sees The Numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)
  • sees Vincent
Finish your drink whenever
  • anyone actually leaves the island
  • a main character dies
Of course, there's always room for additions, especially as the sixth season continues. Let me know if I missed anything!