I would wait for you to arrive with kibble and a box full of beer

I got a new sofa at the beginning of the month, but I'm just now getting time to really enjoy it. It's awesome for naps, even when you didn't really plan on one. Tippy enjoys demonstrating his napping technique on it, too.


My mum says I look like Yul Brynner - too old for Hamlet, too young for Lear

I finished my summer mix CD last month and most of the five of you who read this blog have copies. I have a few extras, though, so if you'd like your very own copy, just send your address to sadandbritish at gmail dot com and one will be on its way. For free! I haven't heard many reviews yet, but its full of tunes you might enjoy.

The photo above is the lovely cover image. It was taken by Meggan's husband Jeff (not to be confused with Cincinnati Jeff) when we down in Mobile. It was actually at the Flora-Bama Lounge - the home of many beers in a can. The Orjag story is kind of long on not as funny as it maybe should be so I won't explain. You should, however, check out Meggan and Jeff's website. They take lovely photos. At least that's my professional opinion.


I couldn't drink enough to make this make sense

Hey guys! Do you like the new template? I think now that I'm over 30, I require a more refined blog template. None of those childish colors for me. Ha! Actually, I finally upgraded to the new Blogger template and for some reason the colors didn't drop all the way down on the new version of my old template. I'm taking an online HTML class, but I haven't gotten far enough to fix something like that yet so I just picked a new one.

I though in honor of the new template, I might actually review an album like I used to on the old one. I know, it's crazy!

Today's album is a great one, though. Fight Songs by the Old 97s is one of my all-time favorites. It's got great country pop, wistful lyrics and it reminds me of a specific time and place. Amazon says the album was released in 1999, but I'm pretty sure I didn't buy it until 2000 after hearing "Murder (Or A Heart Attack)" on the music station I used to listen to on my TV.

Soon after, though, the CD was a near permanent fixture in my car. When I listen to it now, it sounds like the soundtrack to my life in California. There are songs about friends, love, loneliness, drinking, road trips and even one that I'm pretty sure is about a cat. I guess it could be a soundtrack for any single girl in her 20s then, huh?

What matters is that I still like it these days. I'm sure nostalgia has something to do with it, but it's also just a good album. You can get it for 8 bucks from Amazon so if you're a fan of alt country or power pop, pick it up. It's an amazing mixture of both.


Marriage is when we admit are parents were right

So another birthday has come and gone, this one not being nearly as big as the blast I had in San Francisco last year. Alas, it's hard to get people excited about 31.

I did buy a new camera for my birthday and it is already very good at taking pictures of Tippy. See?

Hmm, let's see... What else happened? Oh yeah, Josh got married! Here's a photo from the next morning when they graciously supplied us with coffee and pastries as we took our hung over butts home. What to see more pix from the actual festivities? They can be found here (along with photos of a really big fish). Seriously, though, it was an awesome wedding and a rockin' reception. We barely even noticed the storm that blew through. You guys should get married every year!