And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

I got my camera back today with all the photos on it from the end of my Texarkana trip. So here's what's left:

First, my favorite room from Graceland. Check out the awesome monkey statue. What you don't see is the purple lightning bolt on the wall with a big "T.C.B." for Takin' Care of Business. It's a nice touch. Subtle.

I took a little tour of Texarkana the day of Summer's wedding. Downtown looks as hopping as it's always been. It's a strange little time capsule of shuttered buildings and odd shops.

And right there in downtown is the famed Texarkana post office where you can get your picture taken with one foot in Texas and one in Arkansas. Oh yes!


I would give my life to find it, I would give it all

If you're like my parents, you might think I was kidnapped by a band of Arkansas hillbillies. Mostly, though, I was just too busy enjoying the wonders of Texarkana to post anything. Summer's wedding was awesome and it was fun meeting her bridesmaids and seeing her family. I got to tool around town a bit, too.

Unfortunately, I can't post my favorite picture from the weekend, because I lost my camera in Texarkana. The good news is I got an email today and it will soon be on it's way back to me. One of Summer's bridesmaids picked it up. So hang in there and soon I'll have a photo of me standing with a foot in Arkansas and one foot in Texas. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.


The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar

I'm now officially in the South with a capital S - the land of access roads, barbecue and red dirt roads. Today I took some back roads through Kentucky on my way to Memphis. I took the interstate down to Elizabethtown then headed out across country past Lincoln's birthplace. (That would be in Kentucky, not Illinois, even though they get all the Lincoln credit.)

I've been meaning to mention that when your drive Sir Ranulph on the interstate, the view from the rear view mirror often looks like this. Those SUVs get right up on my little hatchback.

It might be too blurry, but that's a Texas sticker on the front of that truck - I'd almost forgotten about Texas drivers.

I made it to Memphis in the late afternoon, checked into my hotel then went to check out the sites. I drove by Sun Studios then had dinner at Rendezvous Barbecue downtown. It was awesome! Then, it was off to Beale Street for an after dinner drink. I just kept thinking about how Memphis just looked and felt "Southern" and what exactly that meant. I'm not sure I came to any conclusions, but it was fun to consider (over a beer).

This is what the Mississippi looks like out of the sunroof of my car.

So tomorrow it's off to Graceland, then on in to Texarkana. Elvis and Catfish await.

MTV, what have you done to me?

Check it out, I'm in Louisville tonight AND I'm blogging. It's like I live in the future!

I left for my Texarkana road trip this evening and kicked it off with a lovely drive to Louisville. I hope the weather stays this nice for the rest of the trip.

Then, I checked into my hotel out in the suburbs ('cause it was cheap). Let me just say that Microtel is not lying. Their rooms are teeny tiny (like my car). Did I mention it was cheap? The place was clean and has free breakfast, so I've got no complaints.

The Arcade Fire concert tonight was lovely. LCD Soundsystem was super fun but I pretty much feel the same about them as I always have - great party music. Arcade Fire, though, made me love them a little more tonight. I've not really been a huge fan, but I heard their live shows were good. There were a ton of musicians on stage, but the whole wall of sound effect wasn't overwhelming. They're lyrics also struck me as very political - something I'd never paid much attention to.

Anyway, I've got to get to bed so I can head for Memphis tomorrow. There's some barbecue waiting for me!