MTV, what have you done to me?

Check it out, I'm in Louisville tonight AND I'm blogging. It's like I live in the future!

I left for my Texarkana road trip this evening and kicked it off with a lovely drive to Louisville. I hope the weather stays this nice for the rest of the trip.

Then, I checked into my hotel out in the suburbs ('cause it was cheap). Let me just say that Microtel is not lying. Their rooms are teeny tiny (like my car). Did I mention it was cheap? The place was clean and has free breakfast, so I've got no complaints.

The Arcade Fire concert tonight was lovely. LCD Soundsystem was super fun but I pretty much feel the same about them as I always have - great party music. Arcade Fire, though, made me love them a little more tonight. I've not really been a huge fan, but I heard their live shows were good. There were a ton of musicians on stage, but the whole wall of sound effect wasn't overwhelming. They're lyrics also struck me as very political - something I'd never paid much attention to.

Anyway, I've got to get to bed so I can head for Memphis tomorrow. There's some barbecue waiting for me!

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