And now the moment you've all been waiting for...

I got my camera back today with all the photos on it from the end of my Texarkana trip. So here's what's left:

First, my favorite room from Graceland. Check out the awesome monkey statue. What you don't see is the purple lightning bolt on the wall with a big "T.C.B." for Takin' Care of Business. It's a nice touch. Subtle.

I took a little tour of Texarkana the day of Summer's wedding. Downtown looks as hopping as it's always been. It's a strange little time capsule of shuttered buildings and odd shops.

And right there in downtown is the famed Texarkana post office where you can get your picture taken with one foot in Texas and one in Arkansas. Oh yes!


Shawn said...

How do we know that you were really there? You could have just Photoshopped yourself in... Is there nothing or no one that can be trusted anymore? What is this world coming too? I'll take your word on the monkey though - everyone knows that Elvis was a freak.

Summer said...

I know you were there, but I agree that you should have done a bit of a pole dance with that sign so we would know FOR SURE that you were there. I mean, shadows can be faked.

Of course, I have pics of you AT the wedding, and we all know THAT was in the land that is twice as nice!