The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar

I'm now officially in the South with a capital S - the land of access roads, barbecue and red dirt roads. Today I took some back roads through Kentucky on my way to Memphis. I took the interstate down to Elizabethtown then headed out across country past Lincoln's birthplace. (That would be in Kentucky, not Illinois, even though they get all the Lincoln credit.)

I've been meaning to mention that when your drive Sir Ranulph on the interstate, the view from the rear view mirror often looks like this. Those SUVs get right up on my little hatchback.

It might be too blurry, but that's a Texas sticker on the front of that truck - I'd almost forgotten about Texas drivers.

I made it to Memphis in the late afternoon, checked into my hotel then went to check out the sites. I drove by Sun Studios then had dinner at Rendezvous Barbecue downtown. It was awesome! Then, it was off to Beale Street for an after dinner drink. I just kept thinking about how Memphis just looked and felt "Southern" and what exactly that meant. I'm not sure I came to any conclusions, but it was fun to consider (over a beer).

This is what the Mississippi looks like out of the sunroof of my car.

So tomorrow it's off to Graceland, then on in to Texarkana. Elvis and Catfish await.

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AE said...

Tennesseein' is Tennebelievin'!