Stop making eyes at me

You must listen to this now! Proof, once again, that Tom Jones is the greatest Welshman of all time.


Come back from San Francisco

OK, they are - photos from the San Francisco trip! I used all my photo editing skilz to pick a few shots that pretty much encapsulate the trip. I think they (more or less) speak for themselves.

Me on a cable car. It's very Mary Tyler Moore.

The first day we all went on a bay cruise where Carrie and Dayna learned they are the same person what with the being cold all the time and the computer geekery. It's good they live on opposite coasts or their power might be unstoppable.

The next day we went to a Giants game. They killed the Diamondbacks but we were pretty much into the view and the beer.

On Monday it was off to Berkeley and the Scharffen Berger factory. Melissa let out a startling whoop when they passed out hairnets. I think it made her week.

That afternoon we ran into Josh's friend Nick at a bar on Haight Street (as you do). He invited us out for karaoke and that's when the party really got started.

At midnight, I turned 30!

And Josh sang a song.

Then I sang a song with a little help from Jeff.

The next day, we were all feeling a little rough for our tour of the Anchor Brewery.

But somehow Melissa had the energy to take pictures.

There was more after that but I ran out of photos. I'll just leave everyone with beautiful shot from Carrie. It was an awesome trip and I'm glad so many people could make it.


Wow, 30 feels a lot like 29...

...except during warms ups for my first flag football game as a 30-year-old, I jammed my finger pretty badly. Now it's all purple and swelly. As I'm still one of the youngest people on my team, my teammates have assured me that it only gets worse from here.

My brother made me a birthday card that as pretty awesome and I wanted to share it with the world (or at least the six cats that read this blog). Enjoy!