I really do know where Amsterdam is

It's kind of an inside joke, but trust me, it's funny.

Let's say you're a Dutch band with a love of Queensryche style guitar solos and you're kicking off your first "tour" of America in Cincinnati. What would you do to mark your arrival in the states? If you're RoryMi, you buy a pack of Lucky Strikes and throw rocks in the river.

Maybe they just failed to tape the part later where they did a bunch of heroin and slept with groupies.


Shawn said...

Wait...you slept with a Dutch band? What the hell is going on out there in Cincinnati?

What ever happened to the good ol' days when kids just went to sock hops and drank sodas at the local fountain after seeing a nice, wholesome movie. I don't know if I want to hear about any more of this crazy debauchery young lady.

Rory MI said...

Hi Eileen!!

We saw your lil' story of us coming to the states... The heroin and groupie part is still to come ;) Just kiddin'!

Thanks for giving us some attention!! Please come and see us today at Know Theatre in Cincinnati at 9.15!!! We would love to talk to you about this blog ;)

See yah!!

Rory MI!!!

Eileen said...

I guess I have to stop writing snarky comments about bands. They always seem to find me.

Jeff is going to be the venue leader at the Know Theater tonight so I'm sure I'll be by to soak up all the Dutchiness of the international stage.