One show down, billions to go

Well, maybe not billions, but my next couple weeks look to be chock full 'o concerts.

Last night I went to see The National (again) and ended up standing next to one of the old-lady relatives of the band who was scandalized by the shirtless guy near us. Scandalized!

Wednesday it's Bloc Party then Thursday is my volunteer stint at MidPoint Music Festival where I am oddly excited about seeing the Belgian band Staircase. Maybe I can ask them about the possibility of their country breaking up. Or maybe I'll just tell them I love Belgium - Amsterdam is awesome!

Friday and Saturday I am free to rock out at MidPoint, including my now legendary fourth annual Saturday night bar hop. I'm still finalizing the schedule, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing the Chicago band Otter Petter if only because their name mentions otters.

But it's not over there folks! The following Wednesday I've got a ticket to see Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem in Louisville as the kickoff to my great Texarkana road trip. You see my friend Summer is getting married in Texarkana and rather than driving to Indy for cheap plane fair then renting a car and driving three hours to Dallas, I just decided to take Sir Ranulph for a drive. Besides, I like to drive.

So it's Wednesday night in Louisville then Thursday night in Memphis where I'll get up early Friday to go see Graceland. I'm not really an Elvis (well, Presley) fan but Graceland is the Wrigley Field of music. If you're a fan of music, you must see the jungle room. It's the law.

Friday afternoon it's on down to the city so great it takes up two states and Saturday is the wedding. Whew, I'm getting worn out just thinking about it, but worn out in a good way. I'm planning on bringing my laptop and a camera so hopefully I'll have some photos to post along the way. I'm sure I'll have at least a few from MidPoint!


Shawn said...

Or maybe I'll just tell them I love Belgium - Amsterdam is awesome!


Have a good music week. Hope it takes care of the jonesing for live music. Cheers.

Summer said...

Don't get too worn out before the wedding!!!