Marriage is when we admit are parents were right

So another birthday has come and gone, this one not being nearly as big as the blast I had in San Francisco last year. Alas, it's hard to get people excited about 31.

I did buy a new camera for my birthday and it is already very good at taking pictures of Tippy. See?

Hmm, let's see... What else happened? Oh yeah, Josh got married! Here's a photo from the next morning when they graciously supplied us with coffee and pastries as we took our hung over butts home. What to see more pix from the actual festivities? They can be found here (along with photos of a really big fish). Seriously, though, it was an awesome wedding and a rockin' reception. We barely even noticed the storm that blew through. You guys should get married every year!

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Kelly said...

Happy birthday, Eileen, and congrats to Josh and Natalie Portman!