When they call last call, you look so contagious


Carrie had a great idea this week and now I can't wait to reap the benefits. Get this - sushi and Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes! So tonight we're going for some raw fish followed by a movie I can't believe I'm so excited to see. Avast ye mateys, it's sure to be awesome!

So here's the thing with suddenly working all the time. I actually still listen to music every day, I just don't get time to write about it. The music benefits, though, because I find myself listening to an album at least a couple times before I get around to blogging. Collective Soul is probably angry that I didn't give them that kind of consideration.

Today's album is another one of Josh's famous mix CDs and actually the first one I ever got from him. I don't know if he made any earlier ones, but for me it all starts with Dirty Beats.

Now I've written before about how I was unfamiliar with the ways of hip-hop until a boy from North Dakota showed me the light. Well, this CD threw me right into the deep end of the pool. The Pharcyde, Tricky, The Roots, The Wu-Tang Clan and Outkast all make appearances and this is back in like 2001 when all those didn't necessarily have hit records.

I consider Dirty Beats the most daring of Josh's mix CDs but not really my favorite. It can be some work to get through as it assaults my delicate sensibilities with crazy rapping and extra sad folk songs. It does include "Macy Day Parade" by Michael Penn and "Dancing Lessons" by Sinead O'Connor (which I would like to point out that I had used in a previous mix) though. Both songs I count as a couple of my favorite tunes in this whole world.


I was in Seattle last weekend and I promise some photos soon. I'd also like to wish Shawn a belated happy birthday. He's a lady, though, so I won't mention his age.

Also, you've all been warned. Next year (7/3/07) I'm turning 30 and there will be parties in San Francisco. Clear your calendars now.

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Shawn said...

You can just say I'm old. Happy B-day to you too, by the way.

Dirty Beats sure was a fun mix. I wonder what ever happened to that Josh guy. I hear he lives in New York now.