They're just tryin' to put the "punk" back into punctured lung

A giant election hangover abounds here at major metropolitan newspaper, today. Everyone is tired and grumpy, including me. The only glimmer of brightness appeared when Rumsfeld's resignation was announced. People smiled for a bit then went back to their caffeine jitters.

If that weren't enough, I'm further distracted by thoughts of my upcoming trip to London. How can I be expected to chose a photo for page B3 when I have to decide what day would be best to visit the Tower of London? Honestly, people! So today I am doing my best to get through work and preparing for England by listening to Declan's next album Employment by the Kaiser Chiefs.

After giving Employment a listen, I do feel compelled to take back some of the bad things I've said about them in the past. They appeared on the scene in America in early 2005, during the height of hyped new, New Wave bands like The Bravery, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. It was just one more album to throw on the pile of derivative 80's stuff. On a closer listen, though, the Kaiser Chiefs standout as more inventive and thoughtful than most of their contemporaries. Their popular single "I Predict A Riot" might not show it, but much of their music has a sort of cabaret feel to it. Their lyrics are pretty fun, too. Any band that uses the word "pneumothorax" in a song is okay in my book.

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