Do you get HBO with that thing?

My parents were in town this weekend, but it was Tippy who stole the show. I noticed he wasn't eating well and would whine when I picked him up. On Saturday night I did a little looking and discovered some swelling in a not so comfortable place. That landed him an emergency trip to the vet where they said he had an infected anal gland (I know, eww). There was some lancing, and some pain killers and then he came out in this cute little lampshade. He was not a happy camper.

He spent most of the weekend under my bed, and I spent most of it paying way more attention to my cat's backside than I ever thought I would.

So he's been on antibiotics the last couple days and starting to return to his old self. Getting rid of the lampshde improved his spirits immensely. Apparently, he's not a big fan of the Sopranos.


Summer said...

He does NOT look happy in that e-collar! Glad to hear it was just for a short time! Poor little Tippy!

AE said...

Poor Tippy! Get well soon.