Declan deathwatch

Declan froze up again the other day and it took another trip to the Apple Store to get him going. This time the genius warned me that his hard drive is going bad and it's only a mater of time until he completely craps out. Decaln worked for four months between fixes last time, so maybe he can make it that long again if I'm gentle with him.

I do want to get a new iPod eventually, but I've been holding out for a new version. I've heard rumors of a new release coming in September, but I'm just hoping it's actually new new iPod version and not just a Nano. They've had their time in the sun.

So I guess I'll start saving my pennies, while also being sure to take extra care of Declan. No pressing buttons too quickly or making too many demands. He deserves to enjoy his golden years.

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