"What is your destiny?" the policewoman said

In exactly one week, Jeff and I will be in Louisville enjoying the dulcet tones of Elvis Costello in concert. Even better is that I have the entire day off so it's a vacation AND a concert!

So much has been going on besides waiting for Mr. Costello to appear. Jeff and I spent Sunday in Sir Ranulph driving in a road rally on the west side. It's sort of like a scavenger hunt while you drive a set route. Did I mention we won? Because we did!

Then this Sunday is the Flying Pig Marathon which Jeff is running (again). I'll do my part by helping him carb load and Saturday night then waking up early on Sunday to cheer him on. Mostly I'm in it for the pasta.

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Kelly said...

If you decide to settle anywhere in the first quarter of the course, you can cheer me on in the half. I'll be wearing a pink top with something clever written on it. Exactly what, I don't know yet...