And since there's no one else around, we let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know

Last week I got back from Montreal, the most recent stop in the Sad & British 2008 world tour. I even busted out the panorama function on my new camera to actually take a picture. Most of the other shots were taken by Carrie who was always running around with her camera at the ready.

Carrie got a shot of Jeff, me and Melissa wandering around Old Montreal. Everything was in French but it didn't stop us from successfully ordering wine.

We did a few tourist things to pass the time between bottles of wine. The Notre Dame Basilica was particularly lovely.

Mostly, though, we were on the lookout for picturesque places to drink like this lovely courtyard where we had lunch.

One afternoon we went to Atwater Market which was also picturesque. In fact pretty much everything in Montreal can be described as picturesque.

We picked up a bunch of treats at the market (including more wine) and had a picnic lunch along the canal. That pate that Melissa is digging into is caribou. It had blueberries in it, too.

We also took a little boat trip and as you can see I'm always at work. Carrie got a shot of Jeff and I doing a little photo editing. The excitement never stops with us!

On our last night in town, we got to see James in concert. Carrie, being the multimedia journalist that she is even got some video of that. If you look closely at the beginning, you can see Jeff and me bouncing around.

So that's the nickel tour of Montreal. The next stop on the world tour is New York at the end of October for Jeff's New York Marathon run. I'm proud to announce that he has successfully raised the $2,500 he needed for charity, so we'll all be out there to cheer for him.

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