I lost my leg like I lost my way

I know, you guys are probably thinking I'm like Josh and have decided I'm too good for a blog. Not true, not true. I'm not too good for anything. OK, well, maybe prostitution. I'd like to think I'm too good for that. Truth is, my work hours have changed and now I'm trying to figure out when I'm actually going to sit down to write. Plus, I'm lazy.

I know you don't want to hear about how my parents came down for Memorial Day and we went to the Maker's Mark distillery. We got to dip our very own bottles into a vat of wax (insert your own off color joke here). The whole place smelled like the barrels at a garden store or my mom's fruitcakes. Sadly, some of you don't know what either of those smell like. Your loss.

What you're dying to hear about is Demon Days by Gorillaz. I guess I should have waited another day to write about this album, considering the title. It would have made a nice 6/6/06 post. Oh well. Anyway, Demon Days is decent. I think I like it more than their first album, but I've pretty much decided that Gorillaz is a singles band for me. I'll be happy to buy all their catchy songs on iTunes from now on and leave the full albums to someone else. I just never like them that much. "Feel Good Inc." though? Song of the year for 2005.


Everybody should wish my buddy Jeff a happy birthday tomorrow. I won't tell you how old he is (he's a fast runner for his age) but I do have to say he ended up with the coolest birthday in memory. He's having a 666 party to celebrate tomorrow. Aren't you jealous?


Melissa said...

Dang! Does 6/26 count?

I am THIRTY this month. Sticking with my theory that your twenties are for fun and wild avdventures, and your thirties, well the thirties are all about cold hard cash.

My back up plan if I don't get a decent job soon..Sell the Rust Ranch, six months in Italy, while applying to law school.

Did you know that the LSAT is all reading comprehension? No math! Will you come visit me at Harvard?

I am such a dorky daydreamer!

Glad to have you back. Oh - and also, my friend, Fitzhugh Elder IV absolutely loves maker's mark. Cool that you went to the distillery.

Eileen said...

You have a friend named Fitzhugh Elder IV? Why haven't I met this guy?

You really must go to the Holbrooke and get a Maker's Mark and ginger ale. It's the best.

Melissa said...

HOORAY for something new to try in Nevada County. I am going INSANE here. I am planning to put the Rust Ranch on the market at the end of the month. Now I feel the pain that you and Josh were feeling when I arrived here. WTF? This place really does the capacity to be cool, but it just never quite materializes. So hoping I get the job in Colorado. Otherwise drastic measures are in store.

Josh said...

This place really does the capacity to be cool, but it just never quite materializes.

Wow. That pretty much sums it up exactly.