There you go, waving your arms like a girl

I'm pretty sure I'd like Ryan Adams more if I could just keep up with him. The guy puts out like an album a week and it's just really too much. Many of his songs are great, but if any musician needed an editor it's this guy. The world doesn't deserve to hear every little tune you pluck out your guitar, Mr. Adams, unless it's "Summer Of '69" that song was great.

Anyway, today's album is Demolition, released just 364 days after his first solo album, Gold. I didn't buy it back in 2002 because, while I was a moderate fan of Gold, I couldn't bring myself to buy another Ryan Adams album so soon. Like Gold, Demolition is a spotty affair that has some really great songs scattered amongst a field of what other musicians might call filler, but I'm sure Mr. Adams calls little pieces of his soul. He can be dramatic like that. You could edit Gold and Demolition down to one amazing album, but alas!

If someone gives you a copy of Demoltion, don't turn it down. I'm sure you'll find a couple things you like. Otherwise, I suggest waiting for the greatest hits.


I have to tell everybody about my true find of the weekend. After posting it on my Amazon wish list for months with no success, I fianlly purchased The Right Spectacle - The Very Best of Elvis Costello. It's a DVD complilation of every video Elvis has released from This Year's Model through Mighty Like a Rose.

Now, I was happy just to have all the videos but it turns out the DVD also features commentary from the man himself. I spent a lovely evening this Friday listening to Elvis drolly commenting on how drunk he and The Attractions were during almost every video. I guess you have to be a fan, but it was a real treat. I plan to subject many friends and acquaintances to it over the coming months.


Shawn said...

Is it better than 'American Idol: Season 5 Encore'? I know...silly question. What could possibly be as good as 'American Idol: Season 5 Encore'? I mean, besides everything...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ryan had a release called "Heartbreaker" before "Gold." It is fantastic. His best album ever, IMHO.

Josh said...

I volunteer for subjectation.

Summer said...

Hey EJ-

where'd ya go??? Should we call the police or something??? It's been OVER A WEEK!!! Post something!