I hit the city and I lost my band

I know, I know, it's been a long time. Let's just say things have been busy. I've had a very Cincinnati month with trips to the symphony, a Reds game and Kings Island. I also learned that if you run a 5k then ride a bunch of roller coasters, you won't be able to figure out what made you sore. These are true life lessons, people.

I think I've also been a little reluctant to write about today's album, Decade by Neil Young. It's actually a two disk set that has pretty much everything I'd ever want by Mr. Young. That doesn't really explain why I own two more of his albums, does it?

Neil Young is one of those "Great Books" artists for me. Knowing his music is essential to a solid background in rock and roll but it doesn't do much for me. Sure, there are individual songs I enjoy but I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what all the fuss is about.

So I did my required listening today. I mean it's good stuff. Every artist should hope they end of with a body of work this good. Neil Young just doesn't transcend music. He doesn't take me to a new place in my head or make me see things differently so, for me, he'll continue to just be a history lesson.

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