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Choo, choo! Do you hear that? Yep, it's the nostalgia train pulling in for a nice long stop at the Eileen depot. What album merits a visit from the nostalgia train? It's Deluxe by Better Than Ezra.

Deluxe was released on February 28, 1995, mere months before I was to graduate high school and prime memory making time. Add that to the fact that the first single, "Good" was on the radio every five minutes and it literally became a soundtrack to my life. I've also been a Better Than Ezra fan ever since.

I don't have many really specific memories that go with Deluxe. It just gives me a general feeling of all the excitement and giddiness that goes with graduating. It's funny that I love this album so much because there are some truly horrible songs on here (see "Teenager"). I guess a little nostalgia always helps gloss over imperfections.


Here's a quick installment of NEW MUSIC MONDAY for you. Go out right now and pick up How We Operate by Gomez. It's a little more acoustic than their other stuff but I really think it may be my album of the summer.

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Summer said...

I LOVE Deluxe!!! I think I actually had it on tape in college... ah... the horrors of tape!!! I bought it on cd at a used store last year and was surprised by how many horrible songs I had to skip over to get to the good stuff!!! nostalgia definitely removed Teenager from my mind.