Give me gin and tonic

I didn't want to like them. I was a Beatles fan and everything I'd read told me Oasis was just a flash in the pan Beatles knockoff. I was a senior in high school and hadn't really embraced the full extent of my sad and Britishness. I had no idea what the future had in the store.

"Supersonic" was released as a single and I turned up my nose at all those silly rhyming lyrics. They wished they were the Beatles all right. Then, I borrowed the CD from Rishi Kundi. It wasn't doing much for me until the drums kicked in at the beginning of "Live Forever." By the time it was released as a single, I was hooked. Seriously, those drums still give me chills.

I eventually bought my very own copy of Definitely Maybe and it his been a solid companion through the years. It's not all nostalgia either. These are the songs I'm still living my life to and they're great every time.

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