Make me a sandwich

A new Jimmy John's opened downtown a few weeks ago. It think they've been trying to drum up some business because they offer free delivery and have been putting out flyers everywhere. So I swung by about a month ago to check it out. It was about three in the afternoon and the place was fully staffed but dead. I placed my order, then the manager told the guy ringing me up that he had this one. Yes, a free sandwich!

The free sandwich did just what it was designed to do. I became a big supporter of the new Jimmy John's and told everyone about my awesome free food experience. I went back a couple more times and had a lovely, if not overly exciting, sandwich experience.

Then, today I returned for lunch after a fairly long absence. It was right at noon and the place was much more crowded. After I placed my order, though, the woman just said, "thank you' and closed the cash register. I had scored another free sandwich!

So tonight I was reflecting on my good fortune. Did the manager remember me, perhaps? Did I just naturally seem like a nice person who deserved free things? Then I remembered that I was wearing the exact same shirt the last time I got a free sandwich. It is a lovely shirt - bright green with a boat neck - but its overly complicated care instructions (Delicate cycle, what's that?) means I don't wear it much. But now that I know green shirt = free sandwich I'm gonna be wearing it every day. Really, though, it probably just has something to do with boobies...


Josh said...

That is awesome, because those are some good-ass sandwiches.

Hey, I can't believe you didn't make a note on Friday of the birthday of one of your favorite musical artists. Yes, obviously I'm talking about Rob Halford from Judas Priest.

Melissa said...

Is it wrong to score free sandwiches just because a man admires your physique? I think not. Think about all the crap we endure as women; the whole menstrual cycle thing for starters.

It may be a slippery slope, but I think you should work that green shirt for all it is worth!