Only you can make a difference!

I can't believe it's almost here! In just two short weeks, Jeff, Carrie and I will be leaving for the Sad & British Tour of the Motherland. We're all busy trying to pay attention at work while still finishing our last minute planning. Exhausting, but fun.

So now for the big news! Thanks to some generous donations, the Sad & British fund is up to a whopping $95. I can't believe it either. This is going to add up to a lot more beer than I originally imagined. Everyone has been so cool that I'm going to send all the donors a postcard from our trip. Melissa, that means we'll need an address from you. The rest I should have from Paypal.

But time's not up yet! We're so close to triple digits that I'm hoping someone can help us make it to at least $100. So if you've waited your whole life for a postcard from London, today's your day. I'll be taking donations for one more week so let's see if we can get those last five bucks. You guys rock!

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Anonymous said...

I just want to state for the record. I am alive. Currently exaushtapated. Watching other people pack my stuff is a drain. Will post more soon.