One hour in

Okay so the Grammys have been going on for an hour now, and what have learned?

1. When you give an award to Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder, it would make it a lot easier if there weren't a bunch of stairs up to the stage. I thought they'd never make it.

2. Mary J. Blige is going to win a TON of awards. She's got a comeback story, and a decent album. That equals Grammy Darling.

3. I like Justin Timberlake more than I thought I did.

4. Roxanne? I really wanted The Police to play anything but "Roxanne." It's my least favorite of their hits and I never thought it did justice to their sound. People like it I guess, but I would have preferred something like "Message in a Bottle." The biggest question is, how much will tickets cost on their reunion tour? You know people will be willing to pay a ton.

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AE said...

I only like the version of "Roxanne" on the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack and I only like Sting in his Feyd-Rautha outfit.