I've been getting along for long before you came into play

Bonus album! O.K., It's not really a bonus, I just forgot that I actually had one last, final last "E" album, Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple.

You may remember that I downloaded an early version of this album back in May 2005 when there was a whole free Fiona movement because Sony wouldn't release her album. I checked out the final version from the library when it was officially released in October of that year. I love the syncopated piano parts and many of the clever rhymes, but I still don't think it's the masterpiece it was made out to be before its release. The title track is a beautiful song but the rest is like standard Fiona with maybe a twist here and there.

I'm not coming at this from out of nowhere. I'm not afraid to admit that I own all her albums and I even saw her play a show when I was in college (she's so tiny, she looked like she could hide behind the mic stand, but that's another story). She's sad and I can appreciate that. Sometimes she's angry and I can appreciate that, too. I'm just not feeling that here as much as I can on here earlier albums. I also kind of miss the more traditional sound of songs like "Shadowboxer" and "Paper Bag."

I haven't given up on Fiona, though. I'm sure I'll pick up her next album if only to check on her mental health in a couple years 'cause that chick is crazy!


In just a few days I'll be heading out to New York for a reunion of the San Francisco 3 and to, you know, party and stuff. Also, there will be congratulations to Josh and his Lady Bear. Did you know they got engaged on Valentine's Day? They did!

I'm sure photos and stuff will follow. Consider yourself warned.


Kelly said...

Oh, Josh - congratulations!!!! I only met you once, but I'll always remember how you took one look at me and said, "So you're a copy editor? All right, let me ask you - how do you feel about serial commas?"

I'm soo happy for you!!!

(Full disclosure: I'm giving up wine for Lent, so I'm doing my damndest to finish off my super-high-quality box of Chardonnay in the next 49 minutes. So the language is a little flowery/overstuffed with exclamation points. But the sentiment remains!!!!!)

Eileen said...

Ahh, a copy editor in love. Is there nothing nicer?

So can you just switch from wine to Jack Daniels? Because that's what I would probably do.

Shawn said...

So can you just switch from wine to Jack Daniels? Because that's what I would probably do.

Which is just one of several reasons that you, Eileen, will be going to hell.

But before that happens, there is much to do in NYC. I'm hoping for a Monkey Knife Fight. I wonder if they have them on the right coast. Perhaps it's just a San Francisco kind of thing - sort of like how Metropolis is all about Superman and Gotham is all about the Dark Knight.