Declan is sick! (And not in a good way.)

It's a sad day, people. Last night I went to plug in Declan and I was greeted with this symbol:

Now anyone who is familair with Apple products knows that a frowny face is never a good sign. I did some looking, though, and it just seemed that perhaps the battery had just run very low. I left him plugged in and sure enough things seemed back to normal this morning.

But it did not last. Today I was listening to full-charged Declan when he froze up in the middle of a song (that's been happening occasionally these days). When I reset him, I was once again greeted with the frowny face. I don't think that bodes well at all.

I'm going to try a few things tonight and there may be a visit to the Apple store in my future but I'm really starting to lose hope. On the plus side, I could really use a bigger iPod, but Declan and I have been through so much together. Also, I really don't want to spend $350. It's strange but I really am feeling very sad about the downfall of Declan. What will I do without him?


Melissa said...

Wait for it! All the geeks are saying that generation 6 Ipod will be larger screen. That is waaay more Captain Jack to see and love. I predict a November announcement for Christmas. They have to give the phone a few months of glory, but then the full screen will come out.

Eileen said...

I know, I know but I cannot possibly be expected to live that long without an iPod.

Carrie G said...

Get well, Declan!

AE said...

Get well soon, Declan!

And Eileen, thank you for reminding me why I hate everything Mac. Any product that tries to ingratiate itself with a frowny face when it's not working deserves to be thrown against the wall. Nothing personal, Declan. You should still get well soon for Eileen.