I've had enough of this parade

I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow night, but I think it's just a technicality. I've tried everything and Declan seems to be truly shot. Maybe those smarmy Apple guys can save him, but I'm losing hope.

What goes better with my sad state of affairs than the saddest band out there? Here's the video for the new single from the sad & Scottish boys of Travis. They really know what it's like to lose an iPod.


Summer said...

sounds like you have fallen prey to the nasty battery issue of ipod, known as planned obsolesence. You can get it replaced, but that costs about half of whay a new ipod does so they'll push you toward the new one. You do get a small discount when you turn in your old one for a new one, but I doubt you'll let Declan go that easy!

The genuis bar guys are good with computers but ipods don't get quite the same treatment. It's probably because buying a mac is a much riskier thing than buying an ipod... it's more of an "investment in coolness" or whatever. No, I don't believe I'm cool because I have an ibook, but I am grateful that they fixed my tea-fried keyboard and replaced my stuck cd drive without much hassle at all. I'd rather go see a "Genius" than a "Geek" at Best Buy. :-)

Shawn said...

Ah yes...the age old 'Genius vs. Geek' battle. Summer, you are wise to choose the Genius route, but no matter who wins...we loose. No wait, that was 'Alien vs. Predator'...nevermind.

Eileen...you should have Josh use some of his mad iPod reviving skillz. He have yo' pod playin' faster than Lickity and smoother than Luther Vandross.

But, if Declan is done for, I'll quietly weep for him and perhaps raise a glass of Newcastle with the lads.