I hope Neil Young will remember, a Southern man don't need him around anyhow

So, it's a three day weekend you say? Surely Eileen and Jeff aren't going to be hanging around at home, right? Well you are correct! In just a few hours Jeff and I are heading south, south, south to the great state of Alabama.

You may remember Meggan from such episodes as "St. Patrick's Day, 2007" amd "50 Things to do with you iPod." Well, she's married now and she and Jeff (her husband, not Jeff my traveling companion. It gets confusing.) live in Mobile. So we're heading down to take in all the Dirty South has to offer. If I'm on my game, there will be photos and stories. Regardless, it is sure to awesome.

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Melissa said...

"it is sure to awesome" is now part of my lexicon. Right up there with "handpandeling". Yes, yes, I will donate. Right after I buy the wedding gift.