Cho Chang!

I promise many photos are coming very soon, but here's something to tide you over in the meantime.

The new Harry Potter book cover art was released today. There are usually a few cklues, so what can we guess from this picture?

Well, I'm thinking the dude on the left is Voldermort, but that's about it.


Kelly said...

Also, either they're fighting without wands, or Harry is calling down something from the sky that Voldemort is afraid of. Maybe it's Prongs!

Did you see the British children's cover? It has Harry, Ron, Hermione and Dobby bursting into some sort of treasure vault. The British adult version has Slytherin's locket on the cover, Prongs on the inside front flap and what looks like a snake inside a glowing sphere on the inside back flap.

AE said...

The third shadowy figure from the left is definitely Cho Chang.

Great point about the wands, Kelly. But did you say Dobby? Goddammit. (Although maybe Dobby will be the one who gets killed off..)

Josh said...


Some of us who are a little more, um, cautious would appreciate it if you stopped typing that name and just wrote "You-Know-Who" instead.

Thanks for your cooperation.