Once again, offices are filled with hope

The NCAA tournament starts today! I can't even begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I'm taking tomorrow off to watch basketball ALL DAY LONG. It will be wonderful. Throw in a St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, the anniversary of my forth year in The 'Nati and a visit from Carrie and Melvin and the weekend ahead looks excellent.

I need to put up some photos from Michelle and Nancy's visit this past weekend, but I've been busy filling out brackets all week. So much to do so little time...

So what the biggest upset you're predicting in the tournament? I've got Oral Roberts beating Washington State. They have God on their side.


Shawn said...

You need to watch the Wisconsin game and look for me. I will be blended in with everyone else, won't have a sign, and will be way up on the third level...but you should totally look for me anyway. I have tickets for all weekend and that's pretty freakin' exciting. Huzza!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Eileen. I thought you used fourth in a spelling sentence in the fourth grade. TJ