It amazes me how easy it is to not understand anything

Have you seen this new NBC show called "quarterlife"? First of all, you know it's hip because they don't capitalize it. Capitalization is so Gen X. It's mostly a bunch of kids just out of college blogging about their oh so complicated personal lives and smacking up against the real world after years of having their false self-esteem coddled by schools and parents. Life is so hard, people!

I watched the pilot tonight and I just kept thinking that I would have loved this show about eight years ago, but now I think all the characters should just shut up and get a job. I'm probably getting old.


AE said...

That is so funny. I read about that show and decided I would have that exact reaction to it. Thanks for taking the bullet and confirming it!

Kelly said...

I haven't seen it, but I decided it wouldn't be a good show because it was designed to be aired in five-minute installments over MySpace TV, not in an hour spot on NBC.

(Unless it was actually designed for the hour spot and just broken up into little nonsensical chunks for the Internet. Either way, it seems like a bad idea.)

Summer said...

why can't they just write crappy poetry and songs and complain over beer like the rest of us did in our quarterlife crises? why do they have to try to be so important?

i'm possibly confused... is this "reality tv" or "written to look like reality tv"? either way, I'll skip it. thanks for heads up. (notice, no capitals. i'm trying to conform.)