I'm one of the Oceanic Six!

I can't tell you how happy I am about the season premiere of Lost! Of course it raised a ton of all new questions:

Who are the Oceanic Six?
Is Hurley really crazy?
Who are the people on the freighter?
What was Jack's dad doing in Jacob's cabin?
Who the heck is Jacob anyway?

But what I've realized is the questions are way more fun than the answers anyway. It's all about the journey. Combine that with the fact that there are rumors today that the writer's strike might be over soon and it's all starting to look like a Groundhog Day miracle!


AE said...

I am suspicious of there ever being a grand unified theory of "Lost." I try really hard to enjoy the show but I now think there's more stuff there for the Lostpedia crowd than the casual viewer. It might be more fun to just skip watching the episode at all ("You must never leave the island!" "I must leave the island!" "I'll pay the rent!" Commercial break) and go straight to the Web next week.

Still, Hurley's visions of Jacob's cabin and Charlie swimming were genuinely scary.

Eileen said...

I hear ya! I doubt that all of these questions will get wrapped up with a neat little bow. Still, they always manage to throw enough interesting stuff in every episode to keep me hanging in there.