Bonus picture!

I know this is a little late, but whatever. I hope you guys all stayed warm over Christmas, because I did:

This is all I have to hang onto now that I'm back in the cold lands of the north. Oh sunshine, I miss you!


AE said...

Gorgeous photo!

So did you like Cloverfield? Or is it indeed a guy thing?

Eileen said...

I liked it 80% so I guess it's not a guy thing. I did find all the characters pretty unlikable, but the camera style and the monster made up for it.

They really wanted us to care about those characters, though, didn't they?

AE said...

They did!! I think that was its major downfall. If it had not focused on that single group I think it would have been better... maybe someone else could have found the camera.

I really hated the "Mom, Jason's dead" scene. It felt as contrived as a "Survivor" episode to me.