I don't wanna work in a building downtown

My resolution for the new year? More blog posts! I promise. I know only four people read this blog, but I'm positive that they want to know what I'm up to. So in an effort to catch readers up on weeks and weeks of my life, I give you bullet points:
  • I got a new iPod for Christmas! I haven't decided how this will affect my effort to listen to all my music, but it will probably just make it longer. Abbey is a 160 gb silver iPod classic. Don't worry about Declan, though. He's still getting use in my car.
  • I saw Atonement last night and I recommend it to everyone. Read the book first if you get the chance, but if you don't, go see it anyway. It's worth it just for James McAvoy. Between this one and The Last King of Scotland he's quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Maybe he's the new Ewan McGregor?
  • Speaking of movies, I really want to see Cloverfield. I feel like it might be a sci-fi Blair Witch Project, but would that be so bad? I think not.
  • Jeff and I are going to Detroit next weekend to see the North American International Auto Show. We'll get to hang out with my friend Michelle and check out all the fancy cars. Should be fun.
  • I'm a little bummed that the college football season is over. I'm glad Ohio State lost in the national championship game, though. They need to be taken down a notch. Only eight months until next season!
  • It's only two and a half weeks until Lost finally premieres. I'm not sure we'll get a whole season any time soon what with the writer's strike and all, but I'll take what I can get.
So that's all I got for now. Tune in soon for a list of some of my favorite new music and perhaps some photos from Detroit.


Kelly said...

One of four! One of four!

Also, I think perhaps YOUR MOM needs to be taken down a notch.

Summer said...


Welcome back!

Nancy said...

Awesome, more blog posts! I am definitely one of your four readers. Have fun in Motown.

AE said...

Am I #4? Everyone else is cut off now? Sweet. Welcome back!

I love James McAvoy.

Eileen said...

Yep, that's about all of you - except for my parents who are silent readers.

Jeff said...

Good to see another post. I'll be reader number 5 and Meggan can be number 6. Hope all is well in Cincy. I loved Never Come Never Go. Can't wait till Lost starts again.