I know these fast cars will do me no good

So last weekend's trip to the auto show in Detroit was awesome. It could have been a little warmer (anything above 10 degrees would have been welcome) but we were indoors most of the time anyway.

Inside those doors were many expensive cars. I was a big fan of the $458,000 Rolls Royce mostly because it it was just such a giant slab of conspicuously consumed metal. There's nothing subte about it. On the other end of the spectrum, there were a lot of fun little cars, too. I got to check out the new smartcar and see the Mini Clubman. Mini also had a twin of Sir Ranulph on display. This one had a white roof so I guess they're fraternal twins.

Most of all it was fun to see Michelle. She's been busy all all get out lately, but she and Mike spent the day looking at cars with us. Later, we went to sushi and Michelle used her tiny magic fingers to align our backs and such. It was awesome. Here's a picture of Michelle at the auto show. She's in a new BMW that's a relative bargain at $100,000. I'll take four!

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