It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out

I meant to get around to seeing Across The Universe when it was in the theaters, but that never happened. I got a copy of the DVD from the library, though, and finally watched it tonight. I liked it more than I thought I might. Like Hair, the second half is pretty trippy but there's a sweet story at its heart that kept me interested. The visuals were great, too. I especially enjoyed Bono's turn as the Ken Keseyeque Dr. Roberts, even if his accent changed every five seconds.

About halfway through the movie I had an epiphany. I have lost touch with The Beatles. Well, I guess it's hard to ever completely lose touch with The Beatles. Even 45 years (yes mom, 45) after their first album, their music is everywhere. What I mean is that I personally have stopped listening to them with regularity. When I was 13 and 14, I lived and breathed the band. Now I just stop by for a brief check in once or twice a year.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm temporarily suspending my erratic alphabetical album listening to go back and meet The Beatles. I'm going to work my way through their 13 British studio albums chronologically and remember why I love them so and how they affected my taste in music. Mostly I just want to go back and enjoy all the great tunes they've left us.

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Cynthia McCarthy said...

Hi, Eileen. I'm reconstituting my computer after the CompUSA repairman with Asperger's, I swear, wiped out my hard drive without notifying me. So glad I found your blog. I chose your Beatles post to ask why it is that my teenage sons are making me relive the sixties and seventies with their choice of music. I know plenty of great music had happened in the meantime, although I do rely on your CDs to hear music I wouldn't otherwise somehow. I was so excited when one of the songs from your San Francisco CD (thank you BTW) was in the movie "Juno." At least my kids are impressed that I know all the words to every Beatles song. But my husband threatened to throw them out if they play "Sgt. Pepper" one more time. well, nice to see you again. Haven't found Josh's blog yet. Josh Kelley is a famous person, apparently.