Just because I'm losing doesn't mean I'm lost

Whew! After more than 950 miles of driving, I made it to Oklahoma City. I spent last night in St. Louis with my aunt and uncle and headed west again this morning. By late afternoon I had made it to Tulsa and made a short stop to visit with my friend Brandi and her husband Mike (and their cute daughters).  As the evening wore on Tippy made it clear that he was tired and it was time to stop (though he never once offered to drive) so I found a hotel in Oklahoma City.
I do have a few shot from the trip so far to share with you. In case you were wondering how Tippy was doing, this is his usual look while in the car:

He'll survive, though. He acts like he doesn't enjoy an adventure, but he does. 

On my way to St. Louis, I swung by Collinsville, Illinois to see the World's Largest Catsup Bottle! I don't agree with calling it catsup, but it has always been my favorite condiment and therefore deserving of a special side trip. When I stopped to take a photo I even got a visit from Collinville's finest. I guess the police aren't used to tourists actually visiting their tourism sites. Bask in its glory!

As I crossed into Oklahoma, I was greeted with a welcome sight. You don't see these signs just anywhere:

Why yes, that is a 75 mph speed limit. It almost makes driving through Oklahoma worth it.

I'll be up and early tomorrow so I can make it to Amarillo in time for lunch at a very special place. Can you eat a 72 ounce steak? I know I can't, but I hope someone tomorrow thinks they can.


Josh said...

I bet Tippy could eat a 72-ounce steak! He just needs time.

J-Will said...

The ketchup bottle is glorious! Time for a burger.

Kelly said...

Is that "catsup" bottle a secret water tower? Or do Collinsville residents have hot and cold running "catsup" in their homes?

I also disagree with that spelling.

(My anti-spam word is "peeknos," which I imagine is the name of a tiny town you will encounter on your adventure.)

Eileen said...

I thought the catsup bottle would be a secret water tower, too, but it seems to just be a standalone giant catsup bottle. As I was driving across Illinois I contemplated the benefits of having hot and cold running ketchup. There are many.