Hanging out with mom, trying on his father's tights

Now that all my world travels are over, I guess it's time to get back to the regular iPod listening. I'm sure Declan's felt a little neglected lately (except on those long airplane rides where he's a life saver). Anyway, it's time to get through some of these letter "E" albums and get moving.

Unfortunately, I feel like I've said about as much as I can about Blink 182. They make me want to break stuff (in a good way) and if I ever had to play a 16-year-old boy in a movie I would listen to nothing but Blink to get into the role. Also, I love them.

Enema Of The State is today's album and continues to be my favorite Blink 182 album. It's not as subtle as some of their later stuff, but who needs subtle when you're talking about off-color punk pop songs? Subtle kind of ruins it.

Still, "Adam's Song" is a sweet and poignant track about suicide. Mix that in with "What's My Age Again?" about acting stupid and you pretty much have the soundtrack for adolescence or for those of us who still wish for those days (only once in awhile).

Throw in the fact that I have great memories that involve this album through much of 2000 and 2001 and Enema Of The State becomes one of those albums that can never leave my iPod. It's just too good.

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