'Tis the season

I did some Christmas shopping this weekend and while I was out I picked up an extra toy. First, I don't get to buy toys much these days. I don't know a lot of kids (except Joshuetta) so I'm more of an electronics and sweater kind of buyer. I noticed a sign at the city building that said they were doing a toy drive, so I got my chance to venture down the toy aisle.

Did you know that My Little Pony is back? I had a few of them when I was a kid so I had to pick one up for the toy drive. It was a yellow unicorn that came with its own little brush. Thanks to Wal-Mart's low everyday prices, it only cost $5, too.

So I dropped off my new toy at the gift drive box today and was filled with the Christmas spirit. I love the thought of some kid getting a shiny new yellow unicorn. Gosh, I hope they like it. If you get the chance, go buy a toy for some kid this Christmas. It feels good and it's a nice excuse to find out that Power Rangers still exist.

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