Who explains sexual harassment to you and me?

It's an exciting day people! Well, it's exciting if you live very near to me or perhaps work with me, because that means you have received a brand new copy of my new mix CD. See, here it is. Isn't it beautiful?

This mix is a little more moody and strange than some of my others, but I'm exceedingly happy
with it. Chances are, if you know me, you'll get a copy. If you're not sure about that, though, feel free to email me and grovel. If you include an address I'll probably send you one.


Shawn said...

Looks purty...

Melissa said...

I am still loving the linchpin! I am not sure I am ready to move on. Linchpin is so different from my standard folk music blah. I feel so punk and edgy when I listen to it. It's my "I am in the city" music.

Well, I guess it might be time to move on and branch out. The cover sure looks enticing.