This is what you face when geography breaks

I have to admit, I've been remiss. I guess that's true about so many things, but this one involves music so I correct it here.

Remember way back in February when I wrote perhaps my meanest post ever about the poor, innocent, Mid-Ohio band called Bel Auburn? I had admitted to having a bad day, but I'm still not a fan of their first album, Cathedrals.

Well, back in August I got a lovely email from Jared (who I'm guessing is the same Jared that is described on their web site as the guy "who writes all the lyrics and makes noise with his guitar"). He asked that I please download their new album Lullabies in A&C and give it a listen. I was warned that it, too, is a concept album ("We sincerely can't help it," explained Jared).

That's fair, I can give Bel Auburn another shot. Also, today I am filled with Christmas cheer so my feelings on the album won't be colored by a bad mood. I also just love the thought that Jared thinks I am an important enough blogger to have my opinions valued. Doesn't he know nobody reads this thing, and of the dozen or so who do, half of them are cats? Well, never mind, I guess you guys want a verdict. (And some tuna?)

I declare Lullabies in A&C to be not bad. "Roses" is a lovely song with all the pop sensibility I love so much. The production quality seems to be higher this time and there is an acceptable amount of the electronic pops and twitters that the kids seem to like these days. The songs are full of building crescendos and interesting guitars. The only drawback for me are the lyrics. While there are a couple of good lines scattered here and there, I am a lyrics freak and demand lines a little deeper than "Someday I hope you'll find the time to pick up all the pieces." It's the kind of thing a high school emo kid might write in a letter to his sad, sad girlfriend. I'm sorry, Jared, but it's true.

I am also happy to report that Bel Auburn has a new web page that no longer declares them gods of indie rock. Overall I'm left with a pretty good impression. Lullabies in A&C has managed to keep a place in my ever more crowded iPod. These days that's getting to be quite an accomplishment. You can also go to their website yourself, listen to the album, then tell me how wrong I am. Either way, have a Merry Christmas!

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