My dreams were full of strange ideas

So Benecio is back up and running again. They had to replace some sensor in the ignition switch so the doesn't keep thinking that I'm trying to steal it. It only cost $700 - you know, money that you find in your couch cushions. At least I got a car wash out of it, too.

I got to listen to my latest album yesterday as I was walking to the store. It wasn't too rainy and I finally found a secret back way out of my apartment complex. Billy Bragg always makes me feel better anyway.

If Billy Bragg likes anything, it's making albums with the letter "B" in the title. Bill's Bargains is already the second of his albums in the B's and not the last.

Bill's Bargains is actually the most recent of the several official live bootlegs he's released over the years. It's taken from live performances on October 15 and 16, 2001 in Australia and features just Billy by himself. I've never seen him perform without a band so this is kind of a treat. Maybe I'll actually get to see it for myself someday.

The performance is a collection of classic Billy songs, including a version of "A New England" that features the extra verse from Kirsty MacColl's version. It was a nice tribute after her December 2000 death. It doesn't feature any of the between song banter that makes his concerts so fun. I wish they'd left some of that in.

Really, though, you have to be a giant Billy Bragg freak to truly enjoy this album. Stick to the studio albums if you're interested in finding out what he's all about. Leave the live stuff to the professionals.

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Shawn said...

How very strange...I listened to some live Billy Bragg just the other night. Oddly, he was one of the tunesmiths I loaded onto my new nameless wonder. It was a recording of him at Glastonbury in 2004.

You're right about the best parts being the banter between songs. He had some funny stuff to say about Vikings and four day weeks.

I thought about you the whole time and blame you for turning me onto him and his commie, pinko, up-with-the-worker-down-with-the-man leanings.