We once walked out on the beach and once I almost touched your hand

Today Declan has popped up with Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World. According to Mr. Amazon, it was released on July 24, 2001, but I can't remember if I bought it in 2001 or 2002. What I do remember, though, is coming into work and telling Josh and Shawn that it "was good in an '80s sort of way."

That garnered a lot of laughs, but it was the only way I could describe the album. Little did I know that in just a couple years, "good in an '80s sort of way" would become its very own genre. I guess we have The Killers to thank for that.

Bleed American isn't really Killers '80s. It's more Mellencamp meets Poison meets Tiffany. It's like the '80s all mixed up together. It's an '80s fondue. Seriously.

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Shawn said...

You know what? It's still good in an 80s kind of way... If I remember right, you where on a bit of Jimmy Eat World kick for a while with this getting a lot of play time.