Who wants a free song?

I got an idea for a trivia contest today so I think I'm going to try it out. The problem with trivia in the age of Google is almost anything can be discovered with a few clicks of the mouse. So I guess this will end up being a research contest. Either way, it might be fun. We'll see...

So here's how it works. I'll post a question (or series of questions) and the first person who responds with the right answer will win a free song from iTunes. Yes, nothing is too much for my readers as long as it doesn't cost more than 99 cents. There are three rules:

(1) All replies must be sent to sadandbritish@gmail.com. Some of you have other email addresses for me but this is the official contest email. I will ignore everything else.

(2) Your answer MUST include the title and artist of the iTunes song you wish to receive. The song must be available on iTunes. I am lazy and if I can't find it, I'll just move to the next reply.

(3) The winner will be the person who replies first with the correct answer(s). Of course, it's my contest so I hold final judgment over what the "correct" answers are. I'm not trying to be tricky, though. Just answer the questions.

If things work out well this time, I'll do some trivia every month or so. Let me know what you think of the whole thing so I know whether it's worth my time (and dollar) to keep it up. I'll try to post ASAP when I have a winner so your efforts won't be in vain.

So let's go.

Do you see that tagline at the top of my blog? It says "Since when were you so generous and inarticulate?" if you can't. That's a lyric from a song. What I want to know is:

What is the name of the song and who originally recorded it?
What is the name of the album it was first released on?
What year was the album released?
What is the running time of the song?
What pseudonym did the artist use for songwriting credits on the album?

O.k., that's it. Answer the five questions and tell me what song you want if you win. Remember to send answers to sadandbritish@gmail.com.

Rock on!

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