Cho Chang!

In mere hours I will be in possession of a copy of the new Harry Potter book! I know the hype is out of control on this whole thing but those books are fun, fun, fun. I plan to spend the rest of my weekend making my through the book and I'm a pretty slow reader so it'll probably take me the whole time to finish. I promise to post when I'm done, though.


Kelly said...

No spoilers!

Ah, what do I care? I'll be spending the whole weekend reading it, too. Race you!

Trevor Record said...

All of the internet girls are talking about Harry Potter! Every single one I know!

Melissa said...

Did you go to a fun midnight opening party? I thought about hitting up the one in GV...but I thought I might look a little strange without a kid in tow.

Happy birthday by the way. Mine was at the end of June. I am 29 now, which is a lame age. I might as well be 30. I am having a bit of an existential crisis about saying goodbye to my 20's. I am hoping to get over it this year, so next year I can just enjoy being 30.

Eileen said...

I freaked out quite a bit last year when I turned 27. There was something about being in my "late 20's" that just didn't sound right to me. It took awhile, but turning 28 was a breeze. I think I've accepted my impending 30-ness.