From the land of sky blue waters

I know you guys are all just dying to know about my trip. The public outcry for an update has been overwhelming. So here goes.

First, I went to Milwaukee where I hung out with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. We went to a Brewers game and celebrated our nation's birthday with peach margaritas.

The day before, I celebrated my own birthday with cheesecake. I also got a digital camera so let the photos begin!

On the 5th, I made the nine hour journey to Park Rapids, Minnesota. Much of the drive looked like this:

It seems like Minnesota has about 10,000 lakes or something.

My friend Josh has been spending the summer at his parents cabin near Park Rapids. He's having a Walden experience except it's with more copy editing. On the 6th he worked on a story while I listened to my iPod on the dock. It's not a bad way to spend the day.

While Josh was doing this, my view looked more like this:


On Thursday we headed to Fargo, North Dakota. On the way we went tubing on the Otter Tail river. I don't have any photos because I didn't want the camera to get wet. Let's just say that any trip where you get a free inner tube for your cooler makes for a wonderful day.

Later we had dinner with Josh's family in Fargo. Don't they look great?

Afterwards I got the full Fargo tour. Getting tours of my friends' hometowns is one of my favorite things to do. It's cool to see the sites of all their youthful exploits.

About the time I stopped being amazed every time I saw a car with North Dakota plates, we headed back to the cabin. I finally got a ride on the much balleyhooed pontoon boat. After a couple of drinks at Zorbaz, I was satisfied that I'd had the full cabin experience and could safely return to Cincinnati tanned and relaxed. We laughed, we cried (well, not really), we had margaritas and we discussed the looming end to life as we know it. What more do you need?

So there it is in a nutshell. Ten days, seven states and 2121 miles in all. I rocked the Northwoods!


Kelly said...

When is Josh coming back to visit? We need to talk about whether dashes are the ultimate punctuation mark or just lazy.

J to the Izzo said...

Consider this, yo:

Over the last 50 years, we've seen a decided decrease in our use of the comma.

Over the last 50 years, we've also seen a decided increase in the speed at which our culture moves.

Simple cause and effect? Probably not. But mere coincidence? I think not.

A related phenomenon is the ascent of the dash—which to my mind, K, is both the ultimate punctuation mark and often lazily used. I mean, how lazy are you (the general you, not you personally) if you have to break out the ultimate punctuation mark all the fucking time? It's like hiring the X-Men to do your laundry.

Also, I look super hot in that picture with the whole family. Clearly I need more light blue dress shirts.

j-licious said...

Oh, and props for dropping "ballyhooed," Eileen. Also, that picture of the sunset is super-pretty. (Strangely, it looks a lot like what it looks like when I glance to my right.) Have you ever considered a career in photography?

Eileen said...

Sarah (the mysterious one you haven't met) told me she thought you looked pretty hot in that shirt, too. So, yeah, you might want to look into investing in some light blue.

As far as the sunset goes, I gotta show my peeps that I can still lay the smack down on a photo every once in awhile. I may be a desk jockey but I still got it, yo.

What I really want to do is take nature pictures, though. I don't want to have to take any classes that make me photograph actual people!

professor j said...

I'm sorry, I was kind of paying attention to what you were saying, but mostly I was thinking about how sweet it would be if the X-Men did my laundry.

Eileen said...

Wouldn't Wolverine rip up the clothes while trying to fold them?

Kelly said...

Personally, Josh, I like the first photo because the T-shirt you're wearing makes my head explode. You're all, doot-de-doo, typing on my iBook in a cabin, and by the way, TIME IS AN INVENTION! Existentialism, fuck.

I think Jubilee is a better choice for doing laundry. Those sparkly things that come out of her hands? They're actually scrubbing bubbles. Yeah, and all this time you thought they were fireworks.

Eileen, I notice a shocking gap in your story. How fared Tippy? Did the cheeses finally send him over the edge of kitty ecstasy? Did he pitch a fit in the car and shed all over the back seat? Enquiring minds, et cetera.

j-ubilant said...

Eileen, Wolverine can retract his retractable claws. He even has his own sound effect: SNKKKT! (Nightcrawler's is BAMF!)

Kelly, my life is one long existential crisis. And Jubilee would do a good job on the laundry. But you know who'd be terrible at it? Exactly. Banshee.

Shawn said...

I tried to have the X-Men do my laundry but that bastard Magneto kept slipping in and stealing the change I forgot in the pockets.

That wouldn't be so bad, but he also kept messing with the temperature settings and I'm pretty sure he's the one who put bleach in my colors and turned my red into pinks... God, I hate that guy sometimes.

Melissa said...

Sorry for the comment delay. Is is just me, or when did Josh start looking "mature". Must be the facial hair. I dig it.

I'm not cool enough to have an x-men comment. I can say this about the dash though if-it's-good-enough-for-Edward-Abbey-it's -good-enough-for-me!