Is that a bandwagon I see?

O.k. I'm in.

I was totally impressed by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last night. They sounded like a mix between The Shins and The Talking Heads. The lead singer sounds a lot like David Byrne at times.

The P.A. wasn't that good in the balcony but I've never liked a band so much whose lyrics I couldn't decipher at all. I picked up their album at the show so hopefully I'll be able to actually hear part of the lyrics.

The National was great, too. There was definitely a homecoming feel to the whole thing. The lead singers brother was front and center in the crowd and dedications were made to various family members. Right before the encore, an older guy came up to the stage to yell a request. Then, he turned to me and said, "If these guys aren't doing a good job, let me know and I'll kick their asses. Two of them are my sons." Yeah, it was that kind of night.

The lead singer for the National was great to watch. He had all the drama and ego that a good frontman should have. I thought he might have a seizure during "Mr. November" and he capped off the set by climbing on top of the speakers then jumping up to the balcony. That might have been influenced by the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels he had onstage with him, though.


The MidPoint Music Festival kicks off tonight. Technically I'm an "on call" volunteer, so if somebody flakes I'll fill in. If I don't get called, I'm going down to main street anyway. I'll catch a show at 9 then head over to Cooper's at 10 to meet some friends. We'll probably go catch Coltrane Motion at midnight, too. Nothing, too crazy tonight. I'm just dipping my toes in.


Trevor Record said...

Oh hells, I'm going to be seeing "Clap your hands say yeah" on the 3rd! eeek!

Josh said...

Dude! Melissa says there's a band that's not 40 in Nevada County now, too!